About Me - D H Images

As a commercial photographer I have developed my interests in Music and Performance, these being a lifelong interest. I endeavour to make not only as a documentary record but add drama by intensifying the design of the images.

Previously involved in Design I enjoy getting an interpretation of Modern Architecture, both exterior and interior, I view Architects as being Artists, working on a large scale !

Photography is fast changing, with new technology broadening the general interest, Instagram, Facebook etc play a major part in image distribution to a wide audience.

I use these mediums to spread my work, and the clients I work with are able to get high quality images, with an individual look.

Publishing Photo-books is an area I am pursuing, as there is really nothing better than a print or book to view, rather than the screen images we see so much of. Visiting Exhibitions is a stimulus in creating work, and many major galleries are a regular haunt.

Continually updating my equipment to get the high quality I desire, coping with the many varying light conditions and access. Recently I have been in Organ Lofts in Churches, getting an unparalleled vantage point (the winding stairs are another story).

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